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When the scrap metal; business was at its height several years ago, a midsize American car that hadn't run in years was worth at least $150 to $200 in recycled steel. In 2009, cars are worth less than half as much when sold for scrap.

India and China have stopped constructing the huge buildings and ships that drove the scrap business worldwide and the costs of scrap metals have logically collapsed.

On the other hand, some cars that used to be worth the most as scrap, are now the most valuable after being repaired and serving the growing American market for affordable used cars.

Money is tight, credit is hard to get, and people are driving cars that would have been sold for scrap just a few years ago.

Chances are unfortunately good that your old car is worth relatively little if merely sold for scrap. However, if your car can be fixed up and sold on the used car market, chances are good that we will be able to pay a great deal more than your junk car is worth on the scrap metal market.

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